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Interactive question book that helps you to write down your life experience from the first thing that happened in the world when you were born until the dreams of tomorrow. Because we all have a story to tell.

Story Of: 

Offering a new way to create a

unique record of your life.

Create your virtual story

Tell your personal story by means of writing, videos, photos, sound and voice records.

Share your story

Give your loved ones access to your virtual story and offer them a genuine and unique insight into the adventures of our life.

Preserve your story

All elements of your story are automatically stored and safely secured. Only you decide who will be able see them.

StoryOf: Dinorah L.

“We were flying to Acapulco on the day after our wedding. There was another couple sitting in front of us, and I pointed them out to my husband because the woman had a huge rock on her finger. Later we saw the same couple at our hotel check-in, so we decided to introduce ourselves. It turned out that they’d also gotten married the day before..."

StoryOf: Rouven S.

“Both of my parents had this old Puerto Rican mentality that the most important thing is your family. Even though we lived in the housing projects, I never realized that we didn’t have much money. Every birthday and holiday was a huge celebration. I always felt safe and protected..."


In order to help you to tell your stories better, we would like to know your critics and comments about the platform, so that we can tell in an easier and more intuitive way all those stories that everyone has to tell.